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The cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that emerge from the brainstem, located at the base of your brain. Your cranial nerves control functions such as smelling, tasting, swallowing, seeing, moving your face and eyes, and shrugging your shoulders. Several of the cranial nerves are involved with controlling the coordination and movements. A review of the normal anatomy of the oropharyngeal region and the mechanism of swallowing, with descriptions of the phases of deglutition, is presented. Indications, contraindications, techniques, and important anatomic landmarks are discussed, and the most prevalent pathologic disorders that contribute to swallowing dysfunction are reviewed.

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Swallowing disorders update. Radiology department of the Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. Swallowing is a complex movement. It requires the coordination of nerves and muscles in the buccolabial area, the tongue, the palate, the pharynx, the larynx and finally the.

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Swallowing disorders update. Radiology department of the Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. Swallowing is a complex movement. It requires the coordination of nerves and muscles in the buccolabial area, the tongue, the palate, the pharynx, the larynx and finally the.

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The structures involved with the process of swallowing include the tongue, teeth, epiglottis, and esophagus. The teeth are used to grind and chop up food int.

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Instant anatomy is a specialised web site for you to learn all about human anatomy of the body with diagrams, podcasts and revision questions. MCQs: Audio Podcasts: Lectures: iPad/iPhone apps: About: Subscribe: Video podcasts: Questions: Android ... Body Head and Neck Areas/Organs Swallowing. The process of swallowing is highly complex and involves muscles in the mouth, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus. The oropharynx is the anatomical region encompassing the oral cavity and the pharynx. Food must be masticated, formed into a bolus and transported to the pharynx by the tongue whereas fluids are usually held within the mouth before.

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swallowing function ... 吞咽功能. The swallowing process combines volitional central control mechanisms with involuntary/reflex controls, both central and peripheral. Upper esophageal sphincter is part of the inferior pharyngeal sphincter, intimately associated with the musculature, innervations, and swallowing pattern generator (SPG)-programmed events of the oropharyngeal.

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Swallowing starts with the oral phase. This phase begins when food is placed in the mouth and moistened with saliva. Moistened food is called a food bolus. The food bolus is voluntarily chewed with the teeth that are controlled by the muscles of mastication (chewing). During this phase, food is “prepared” into a smaller size that is well.

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